Treatment Philosophy

My approach and philosophy in practice reflect my belief in the human spirit. I believe in the resilience of individuals and know that despite traumatic circumstances, grief, depression, anxiety or other obstacles, that people have the strength within to find a healthy path.

My training in psychology was officially in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is an evidence-based approach requiring hundreds of continuing education hours to stay at the top of the field. I was also privileged to have spent several years with the FBI first as an FBI Honor Intern and then as an FBI Visiting Scholar. These opportunities allowed me access to some of the most advanced behavioral analysis training courses that are available in the world. Finally, I am privileged to work within one of the most progressive family practice organizations, Lifescape, which has a complimentary holistic approach with a strong nutritional focus to their patient care and focuses on whole health of their patients. This arrangement provides me with access to some of the top physicians in the nation who have some of the most advanced approaches to wellness such as Spectracell and Neuroscience. Having the ability to coordinate and collaborate as needed allows my practice to provide a full-service approach for all of my clients.

My goals in therapy are really as diverse as the uniqueness of the client I am working with. I work very collaboratively and provide honest feedback to ensure there is progress. I start each new client with the understanding that my approach is not one that should take years of therapy to resolve, but is more focused on providing insight and solutions for their current situation. Although I typically work to push clients to become independent, I work to ensure that there is a trusting and open relationship so that if the need arises in the future my clients understand and know that I will be there to support and encourage them along the way as needed.

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