I am excited to share with you my passion in helping others find the solutions that best fit their lives. Most that have met me realize that I am not a traditional psychologist that you may think of from what is in the media or perhaps from other people you have seen. I take a very holistic approach to psychology that is best described as a collaboration that actively includes your own life circumstances to best help you find the answers, support, or guidance you need. I hope you’ll find the information you are searching for about the services I provide on this website.

My training for a PhD in clinical psychology is not an unusual credential. Using a research-based methodology, cognitive behavioral theory, is also a common approach in this field. However, I do feel that my background working as an attorney, business consultant, visiting scholar with the FBI and a legislative aid in Congress does provide a unique and distinct breadth of experience to assist me in my sessions. No matter how big or small the issue, my passion has always focused on the needs of each individual client.

My practice is open to adults, teenagers, and parents and couples. I often see clients who present with stress, depression, anxiety and general life issues that have become more burdensome than can be managed. I also see many parents who are raising children with the reality of now assisting aging parents or trying to figure a system because they are single or are trying to manage a family with both parents working. Couples are often over burdened with life in various stages and need some advice and guidance on how to come back together in their lives.

I have been successful with people in therapy, I believe, because I am respectful, compassionate, and nonjudgmental about how hard life can be. My holistic approach, provided in conjunction with physicians I work with, can utilize the science of nutritional and neurotransmitter testing for those that are interested ensures that a true picture is provided.

I often have several weeks to a month booked in advance due to the demand and recommendations that have been given. My goal is to help provide the tools so that clients become self sufficient and confident in becoming more independent in the decisions and choices they make on their own.

My love and compassion for happiness and success in life defines who I am through my own life and with my clients.

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