Individual therapy, whether with adults or adolescent clients, must truly be individual in my mind – a unique experience that really depends on the nature and reason the person is there to see me. My training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is only one part of my approach due to my varied and eclectic background. I respect and value the research based approach of CBT and its goal to teach clients how to interpret and deal with various aspects of their environment, but my training as an attorney in law and my role as a visiting scholar with the FBI really provided a strong and unique set of training and tools to approach clients in a very analytical and methodical way. I feel that my approach helps to understand the underlying issue that may be causing their challenges and for that I must take each individual as they come.


Adult clients, who often present with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, etc., are some of my biggest challenges as they have been working through life with set patterns and tools that are now typically not working to help them manage their situation. My goal is always to approach each client with respect and compassion, understand what their needs are and provide them with the tools to implement in their lives when they leave.


Teenagers have become a favorite area of practice in my clinic. The demands that they face today with technology and school make them a challenge in and out of the office. For the most part it is rarely the idea of the teenager to come and talk to a ‘therapist’ but I have had a very strong and successful practice in keeping every teenager in the room and all of them have returned on their own accord to continue forward to find some peace. This is a challenging time for both parent and teen so strategies are customized to the particular problem that is presenting with a goal of having a more global approach to manage the relationship past high school and into adulthood.

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