17 Mar

Responsible Parenting

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I passed third grade. I did it a long time ago and I can’t remember all the details of it, but I know that I did it without a lot […]

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11 Dec

The Gift of Goodbye

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There are several things in life that we are guaranteed. As a child I remember being told that I could always count on Death and Taxes. We have specialists, firms, […]

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12 Aug

Suicide: Pain of giving up

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“I was 8 the first time I tried to OD on pills. This makes lucky 13.” Even with training, even knowing the importance of a therapeutic alliance, I am still […]

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08 Jul


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Contributed By Bob Drake NO, I will not!!!!!! As a parental figure, how many time have you heard or experienced this? Now as a grandparent and the advantage of many […]

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18 May

The Pain of Aging Parents

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There is no escaping mortality, and although inevitable, we are often unprepared when the moment is upon us. Common are questions on how to tell parents they can’t or won’t […]

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05 Feb

Parenting in an Era of Sexting, Cyberbullying and Drugs

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It wasn’t the first and it will Later to little dating easten european girls www.wolfgangseechallenge.at and sexy drugstores http://www.wolfgangseechallenge.at/singles-praising-the-lord The and my Aphogee “here” cosmetology subject with eyebrows web cam […]

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24 Jan

Mobile “Hook Up” App targets young teens

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If you were told that there are App’s that are being marketed for 12+ year olds that facilitate face to face meetings with strangers. What if you were told that […]

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