strohmanDr. Strohman is the founder and CEO of the Technology Wellness Center, one of the first organizations dedicated to addressing the global issue of technology addiction and overuse. A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Strohman has spent more than a decade working with individual, family and adolescent clients struggling with issues including depression, anxiety and addiction.

Identifying the growing challenges parents now face with their children, and the increasing issues her young patients are dealing with due to our growing dependency on technology, Dr. Strohman was inspired to launch the Technology Wellness Center, which she co-founded with Dr. Melissa Westendorf JD, PhD in 2014.

A California native, Dr. Strohman attended the University of California, Davis where received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She then completed a joint, integrated program in Law and Psychology at Villanova and Drexel Universities, where she met Dr. Westendorf.

During her undergraduate career, Dr. Strohman gained experience as a lead program coordinator with Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT) and conducted research on Alzhiemer’s and dementia, which expanded her interest in the function and mechanics of the brain. During graduate school, she performed research in substance abuse, risk communication and child abduction. Her work earned her the position as an honors intern with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and invited her to become a visiting scholar with the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime division as she completed her dissertation.

After earning her Juris Doctorate, Dr. Strohman worked at a large law firm, while completing her residency at the Arizona State Hospital in both a clinical and forensic rotation in clinical psychology. Dr. Strohman settled back into her counseling practice as the clinical psychologist with Lifescape Medical Associates, where she utilizes her training in cognitive behavior therapy to help patients.

In addition to establishing the Technology Wellness Center, Dr. Strohman and Dr. Westendorf developed the Technology Use Continuum (TUC) assessment test to aid parents in determining when and if their child is at risk from overuse. The two have also co-authored a book, Technology Addiction: What Parents Need to Know. The book is due to be published by early 2015. Dr. Strohman is an active member of the American Psychological Association and serves on the national board of the Committee on Legal Issues (COLI).

Dr. Strohman is married to her high school sweetheart, Dr. William Strohman and is a devoted mom to their two children.

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