Dr. Lisa Strohman, clinical psychologist, attorney, author, founder and director of Digital Citizen Academy is committed to proactively preventing and reducing the issues students, educators and parents are facing as a result of technology use. Her experience as a visiting scholar for the FBI’s profiling unit and continued relationship with law enforcement agencies along with her training as a clinical psychologist provides a uniquely balanced approach to the issues facing our society today.

She is a frequent speaker at schools, parent organizations, and business and community groups offering preventative tools and resources that teach others how to be responsible digital citizens. Dr. Strohman is regularly featured in the media as a technology wellness and behavioral expert. She has been quoted in Forbes Magazine, Fast Company, Parenting and countless other media outlets. Dr. Lisa is also a frequenty expert guest on the Doctors and Dr. Drew’s Midday Live radio show.

Digital Citizen Academy provides specifically designed programs for parents, students and educators alike. The programs address concerns and issues that children face during their school years and provide tools and resources for each stage and age. The grade specific curricula are updated on a frequent basis to navigate the challenges, pitfalls and dangers in our digitally connected world.

Parent Program

This program provides parents an introduction on how to instill responsible digital citizenship at all ages. Parents are given access to many resources, including but not limited to, comprehensive video instruction, a resource guide, a Q&A forum with access to experts and other parents participating in the program.

Grades K-2 Program

This program is based on early intervention with a curriculum that lays a foundation and educates children on what it means to be responsible and healthy digital citizens. The research-based T.H.I.N.K. program teaches students how to be Truthful, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind when using technology.

Grades 3-5 Program

This program recognizes that many students are using technology daily at school and in the home for prolonged periods. Building on the K-2 curriculum, the lessons are designed to address the specific challenges students in grades 3-5 will face, while teaching the importance of responsible posting and digital reputation.

Grades 6-8 Program

The curriculum for grades 6-8 addresses the do’s, don’ts and dangers. The lessons focus on the topics of cyberbullying, digital cheating, indecent posting online and digital reputation, while providing the students with the necessary tools for safeguarding and incorporating them into their daily lives.

Diversion Program

This program was designed for grades 6-12 in response to demands placed upon schools to address students that violate rules related to online behavior. Diversion in an effective alternative to short-term suspension, which forces students to miss valuable learning time. The curriculum address cyberbullying violations, sexting, plagiarism, and digital cheating in effort to reduce future violations.

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