Dr. Lisa Strohman, clinical psychologist, attorney, author, founder and director of Digital Citizen Academy and Technology Wellness Center is committed to proactively preventing and reducing the issues students, educators and parents are facing as a result of technology use. Her experience as a visiting scholar for the FBI’s profiling unit and continued relationship with law enforcement agencies along with her training as a clinical psychologist provides a uniquely balanced approach to the issues facing our society today.

She is a frequent speaker at schools, parent organizations, and business and community groups offering preventative tools and resources that teach others how to be responsible digital citizens. Dr. Strohman is regularly featured in the media as a technology wellness and behavioral expert. She has been quoted in Forbes Magazine, Fast Company and countless others and enjoys being a weekly expert guest on Dr. Drew’s Midday Live radio show.

Digital Citizen Academy is dedicated to improving the lives of students, parents and educators through the resources, tools and knowledge needed to foster a healthy balance with technology. Programs are designed with age appropriate content and provide trackable and measurable data for school districts and organizations.

Technology Wellness Center is a resource for parents and adolescents dealing with technology overuse and misuse. Its team of experts are here to answer your questions and provide you with the tools and resources to responsibly manage your technology use and help you live a balanced life.

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